Studio networking software friendly with Cubase/MediaBay?

Say I have a studio on the East Coast, and a Studio on the West Coast

I want each studios computer to have a sort of shared “partition” that shows up in MediaBay where employees can develop sort of a coast to coast database of shared sounds, samples, presets, and other content development.

Is there a particular software for Windows that can help manage, oversee, and even backup this?

any suggestions? thanks

Ever heard about cloud file sharing? Or Peer to Peer networking? Or VNC?

there is not one solution…

if you can access a folder from Windows you can add it to the MediaBay as well.

I think I would rather have direct p2p and VNC

but also, some sort of software with administrative oversight abilities, back up. Maybe some cloud integration as well.

Almost like it is one DAW in two different places, or maybe better explained, is, a partition of each DAW behaves as one unified DAW.

So maybe two DAWs plus as server that both are accessing as a hard-drive, but the server is actually mirroring to each DAW (so there’s no file access wait times over internet).

complicated. I will have to research more.

Odrive can automatically sync folders between several Google drive accounts (and many other cloud services) and a bunch of diff. PC’s wherever they are.
Not complicated to set up, it’s free in it’s basic form. I use it to sync data between different shops that I manage and my home PC’s. That way way I have access to every file I could possibly need from any place …
The client has to be installed on every PC that you want to be synced of course.

Interesting, good to know about this thanks