"Studio - Not connected "

Hello Forum ,

I have used Cubase for a few years but have recently struck a problem with the “Phones” in the Studio not being connected . They are connected for all situations except for monitoring while doing Audio Mixdown . They worked before I did an upgrade in Cubase 7.5 which introduced a new Control room mixer so I may have done something in the setup of this new mixer to cause it ?? Also on the Project Page in the second from top line it now shows the highlighted message " Studio - Not Connected " I have checked all the VST connections and that the " Enable Control Room " switch is activated ( and also that the "Audition Volume " during mixdown is set appropriately ). There are 3 "Cue Sends " in the Control Room as well as the "Phones " and the cue sends work and the “Phones” work for monitoring while recording and playback but not while doing Audio MIxdown ( which I do in real time as I use external plugins ) .

I use Lynx Aurora converters and the onscreen Lynx Mixer which I also updated to their new 2014 version at the same time as upgrading Cubase so I may also have introduced a problem via the Lynx mixer setup ?? The Cubase control room Mixer shows signal on the Phones during mixdown but the Lynx Mixer shows no signal so Maybe the problem is with the way I have the Lynx MIxer set and so if this is the case maybe I should be posting this in the Lynx forum ??

Any clues or directions would be appreciated as I have tried all that I can think of so far to sort out the cause of the problem .

Thanking you