Studio one 2

A friend of mine just bought Presonus Studio one v2…He encouraged me to try it and I downloaded it on my macbook pro.
I have several things to say…

  1. If I had to start a new DAW, it would be this program…the workflow and features for music creation are unbelievable.
  2. whoever caused these guys to leave SB to start their own company should be immediately replaced at SB.
  3. copy, borrow steal, their feature list and workflow… the simplicity of changing a instrument track to audio and back… the ability to just drop an effect on a event…the ability to choose a audio event or part and send it to sample 1, something I bought halion 4 just to do and it is nowhere as elegant.
  4. I can do stuff on this without even looking at the manual… many of the shortcuts are similar to cubase…

Unless SB changes something drastically, I can’t possibly imagine in 2 or 3 years when this program has matured…that this doesn’t become THE DAW for music creation.


and yes I have tried reaper on several occasions and never liked it…


Have tested Studio One also, but I must say, I don’t like the GUI. It’s too „flat“ for my feeling somehow.
I dont’t know, how I should it describe … love it more „organic“ … :wink:

Indeed, there are a bunch of features in STUDIO ONE 2 I loved to see in Nuendo, as well.
I mean, how cool ist it, when any changes / corrections made to a song in a project instantly take affect in the mastering project inside the same DAW and then… simply burn the Master-CD, also within the same DAW.
Sure, … WaveLab …, but for how much longer can the missing CD-burning feature keep supporting WL, in future?
It sucks! I do all mastering work in Nuendo and then I have to drag it to WL, all the time… Better change that!
As to now, Studio One is not yet quite there for me, but I keep watching it.

Big K

I don’t trust such automatisms in a Software (Studio One) and make it vulnerable for bugs IMHO. I prefer two independend applications (mix, master), but on the other side, with version 7 of WLab I have a big problem to befriend, so that I’ll keep my eyes on Adobe now …

I tried it, it works flawless and why should it produce problems?
It is like changing between editor and project window…

And yes, WL 7 is realy strange…it takes time to adjust to, which I don’t want to spend…

Ok, what I don’t understand on Studio One “Mastering Suit” is, every Song in a CD project could have his own effect chain. Normaly, I have the same effect chain per song in one cd project with different EQ-, Comp, etc.-settings.
So, if I have 13 songs, so I have 13 x the same effect chain (8 plugins x 13) in the project in Studio One … very CPU hungry IMHO. Therefore I prefer to edit my songs separat …

I know this, but what is with my different settings in my effect chain? To get a balanced frequency response over all songs, each song need other eq settings e.g.


we’re currently working on a better integration of Nuendo and WaveLab. We know what
it means to re-bounce everything in Nuendo and put it back to WaveLab, even if only
a small change happens on the original project. Therefore we’re working on an improved workflow.
Nevertheless, WaveLab is being used in many situations where you actually don’t need a
sequencer program, so it will of course exist as a separate product, further on.


Hi Timo,

great news!


I would buy and start using Wavelab if it gets integrated into Nuendo in some way. Or does that mean it will be included with Nuendo?

Not a bad idea…
Even if one has to buy 2 separat products ( N & WL ) and then integrate them, like Iosono is.
Put some extras to it, like interaction ( see Studio 2 ) and I’d be very happy, as long as I don’t
have to buy new WL version with every new Nuendo releases ( see NEK ).
Hehehe, and that should be an Nuendo exclusive … Just to see the Cubase guys pulling their handkerchiefs …
JK …

Studio one is not at all post oriented, but as I am mainly doing music for games and film I personally could live without some post oriented features.
Anyway I am used to Nuendo and do not plan to switch since I really “grew up” with Steinberg sequencers.
I just wish Nuendo had some features from Studio One, but vice versa Studio One is lacking a lot, the basic tempo track is just unusable for film scoring, and the video integration and framerate options are not even close to what is possible in Nuendo.

On the other hand within the version upgrade of S1 included show/hide options everywhere and solid window management, something which has been a top feature request for Nuendo since… what, 2005? Anyway… lasts hope is Nuendo 6.