Studio One Version 3 Extended FX Chains - Wow!

I just watched a video on the new version of Studio One and its FX chains capabilities. Most impressive, to say the least. I certainly hope the Steinberg Cubase designers are paying attention. The bar has been set awfully high.

Not only does S1 have FX chains in the first place (which we are still waiting for), they offer capabilities for multi-band splits and separate left and right channel treatment. I didn’t see it but I would be surprised if there were not also some mid/side processing capabilities. Come on, Steinberg, don’t pass this one by.

I would totally love to see cubase with this feature :smiley: make my dream come true :smiley:



FX Chain Presets came in around C7 or 7.5…? Can’t remember… they have their use…! But I see what you mean about S1 v3’s ‘Extended FX Chains’… they’ve done something quite elegant there… That built-in ‘splitter’ function is neat :slight_smile:

I also would like to see “mono to stereo” routing options.

This is something I would use a lot.

There’s really no limit on how creative one could become with capabilities like this. Take any effect that comes with Cubase that offers separate L/R control, for example - you could now turn them into M/S processors quite easily. You would not have to spend an extra penny to purchase a third-party solution. The same goes for multi-band capabilities. Need a multi-band phasor or flanger? Quite easily done. Want a delay like the Waves Manny Marroquin that adds saturation, reverb and/or a phasor in a single unit? again, piece of cake.



With M/S, please, yes. As dmbaer said.

And PLEASE with the option to use a mono track to drive stereo plugins with the result of getting a stereo track out of it.

(…and vice versa, of course).


I would be quite happy if I could simply add more inserts pre fader. But the Studio One Chains are even better and more flexible!

+1, the FX chain and the macros are great.

Both would be very welcome features. Even with an effects chains capability, I would still greatly appreciate a bigger insert space.

Indeed. This has been requested for over a decade. Something like Vienna Ensemble Pro… except for FX. (Or perhaps think ‘Native UAD’)

It would double plus good if you could keep chains loaded that would -persist- (as in VEP) between projects.


Love steinbergs vst’s. Cubase is falling behind in my opinion to studio one.

I’ll spend a +1 for these chains, great idea.

as for falling behind, I’d say its pretty subjective… lateral perhaps…

There’s an excellent and very simple plugin called “Metaplugin” that lets you do similar things in Cubase (or any DAW)

The only problem with this and also PatchWork and Bidule is that none of them are VST3 so sidechain is not working (unless you mess with quadro-buses and stuff).