Studio Pass for clients with Android

Just a thought here “Studio Pass” for VST Connect Pro it seems to me that it’s in a different category from most or all of the other ‘mobile’ apps. Where the other apps are often ‘directly creative’ tools Studio Pass really isn’t. It is instead a tool for communication.

In my experience users today have a wide array of hardware they use and within the content production community it’s actually not obvious that everyone uses an iOS device. There are going to be people that work in advertising that aren’t directly content creators on a technical level but instead decision makers that may want to monitor VO and ADR sessions.

Right now I’ve done sessions ranging from ADR to interviews to VO/narration, and they’ve all been using Zoom. Proposing something like Studio Pass would be great except it doesn’t make sense to also then mandate that the clients all use iOS.

So just wondering if that has been considered at all and if there has been any movement at all toward Android?