Studio Pass has a problem

Hello, guys.

I’ve installed Studio Pass on my IPhone 7(iOS 12.4.1), and VST Connect Pro 4 on my PC(win10).
There some problems like below.

  1. Once I succeeded connect during my PC and IPhone, but I closed the host Cubase 9.5 without logging out iPhone from Studio Pass.
    Then my IPhone can never success logging in to Studio Pass, with following message, “You are already in a session”.

2.When I installed Studio Pass on my IPhone, the App never ask me to allow accessing IPhone’s camera or mic.
So my Studio Pass doesn’t show any view of camera, or sound of mic.

How can I solve these trouble?

1.: try again later, should resolve after max 30 min
2.: Apple’s update policy keeps (not only) us busy, a new version is in the making which should resolve this.

bumping this - SP is non functioning under IOS13 - the video camera just shows static (on iphone 8)

any news on the update ?

… sorry. We are hurrying.


thanks :slight_smile:

I paid good money for Music Studio and purchased the instruments. I wrote songs and really enjoyed it. I have an IPhone 6 Plus and now I haven’t been able to use it. The keyboard displays but the buttons over the keys are not working. Please get this fixed. If anyone knows what to do please reply.

Music Studio??