Studio Pass not connecting to VST Connect 3 Pro


I just downloaded the trial of VST Connect Pro 3 and I’m using the latest version of Cubase (8.0.10). On multiple different iPhones (the 4 to the 6) I keep getting the same error message:

“Somebody tries to connect with you, but uses an incompatible version”

I downloaded from Steinberg and the App Store all on the same day so they should all be the latest versions…

I’ve also tried from two different IP locations and nothing changes. This is the only feature of PRO I need at the moment and this would be PERFECT for my client approvals as we’re mixing at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help or what I may be doing wrong?



You need Studio Pass 3 to connect to VST Connect PRO. Sorry, the app is currently in review and hopefully avaiable in the next days. Stay tuned … If that troubles you, please drop me a private message.


Hi all,

An updated version of Studio Pass for VST Connect Pro 3 is now available in the iTunes App Store.

Please be aware that this version does not work with VST Connect Pro 2.

The app is available free of charge in the iTunes store: