Studio Pass problem


Recently I bought vst connect pro for stream my mix to client with studio pass app, so far i don’t need for recording, just stream my mix to client and videochat, but it has some problem :

  1. in studio pass (client) cannot send any audio or video, video screen blank (front and rear camera) and no volume movement in “to studio” fader level. i tried with iphone 6s & iphone x with ios 12. client can hear my mix, talk back and video
  2. hard to make connection.

I don’t know whether this is a problem with the studio pass or vst connect.

Please help, Thank You


at the moment we cannot reproduce the problem. But we are trying to get it reproduced. Meanwhile … The Studio Pass screen is blank without a connection? Can you move the slider without a connection?



I have similar problems in Nuendo 10 and VST Connect Pro and I’m trying to achieve a similar goal: have my client sit in on a voice-over session.

So far I have managed to get audio from Nuendo to my iPhone Xs (iOS 12), including Talkback. I haven’t tried video, because I don’t have a webcam. I can also move the Mic and Studio sliders with my phone as well as with Nuendo.

But going from my iPhone to Nuendo is a different story. No sound and no video. I’m assuming the iPhone mic should work as the talkback mic for the client, right?

One more problem: I was trying to change the buffer size setting in the Performer tab. It was on 1024 and when I clicked on it it changed to 64, which is way too low. However, it won’t go back, because there are no options available. No matter how I click on it, it only gives me 64.

You can see I can use some help here. I hope you can provide it.

Best regards,


I updated VST Connect Pro to the latest version. Didn’t help. It’s actually worse now, because all the option submenus are invisible now.

Then I decided to try the Performer application. Version 4 didn’t work at all. The whole screen was blank, I mean just a white window. Then I downloaded version 3 and finally I got everything to work, including video and talkback.

I think the Performer app is the way to go, assuming the client has a laptop of some kind. It worked for as long as I test drove it at least.

should be fixed with the next version which we hope to get out soon.

Good to hear.

Do we have an estimate for the release date of a an update for Studio Pass? I’ve yet to be able to receive on second of audio from my N10 rig to studio pass over wifi or LTE.


Has anyone got stdio pass to work recently? Absolutely no luck here…