Studio Pass setup support

Is there a way to book a brief support session to setup N10 to communicate with studio pass. I’m no Luddite, but I cannot get studio pass to successfully connect and receive audio at all. Ever.

Does anyone know the proper channels to get a real-time support like this?

For the love of god, does studio pass actually work for anyone?
Nothing but connection failed : no reply. N10.1


Studio Pass is only working for “VST Connect Pro”. App Store
Nuendo contains (only) VST Connect SE. If you like to test it with VST Connect PRO, there is a Trial available. Dowload Page

If you still have troubles, please let us know.

Thanks for the reply, but Nuendo 8 definitely contains VST connect PRO and SE. (I’m looking at the VST connect PRO menu in a Nuendo session as I type this…) But neither are working with studio pass for me. Am I missing something?

… are you working with a red dongle? That would explain your VST Connect Pro access?
… have you checked your dongle licences? Please start the “eLicenser Control Center” application and check your licences. Which licences are available?
… then maybe back to Windows 7. I have not checked that OS. It is very old - sorry. Any Firewall active? Any Anti-Virus-Application running in the background? They may could forbid a Studio-Pass to Nuendo connection.

See you,

Thanks Spork. I have the purple dongle with glowing red LED. In another post a few months ago you replied that no additional software was necessary to connect Nuendo to Studio Pass. Now you say I do.
No firewall or antivirus enabled. Can reach the internet just fine.
I still don’t have a clear answer as to whether this should be working or not.
Can I use Nuendo 8 or 10 with Studio Pass iOS app for client to listen in…?

Hi, the Studio Pass App is only working VST Connect PRO. That’s a fact. The App-Store title is saying it, too. App Store I am sorry when I said something differently in an older post. Do you have a link to that post? Meanwhile I am trying to find a Windows 7 system to re-check your problem. Please stay tuned …


Thank you Michael. I appreciate you looki g into it. Yes, here’s a link to the thread from three months ago where you said I “do not need to buy anything special to run Nuendo and the Studio Pass app.”

Just really want to know if I’m supposed to be able to use this or not! Not too upset if I have to buy it. I just want it to work!

But you also said then that you use both SE and PRO, I guess that Micha was just meaning to say that it works in general. Anyway, good luck!

Am I in a Kafka novel here? I’ve got two devs responding to me but not answering the question…
Should my Nuendo 8/10 (stock) work with studio pass? Or do I need to buy something?

What they are telling you is: “No, you need to buy something.”

Nuendo 8/10 (stock) will not work with Studio Pass. You have to buy VST Connect Pro. (or register for a trial license if there’s a trial available)

Studio Pass works with VST Connect Pro, and does not work with SE.

Nuendo comes with SE, and does not come with Pro. End of story, Gregor. :wink: :ugeek:

If you have a menu item for Pro in Nuendo 8, that could be because it came with the Nuendo 8 installation to facilitate demoing VST Connect Pro, or you installed it. Either way, you need a license, trial or full retail,to use it.

Amen! Ok. I’ll download the pro trial and give it a go.

Downloaded vst connect pro trial license. Still can’t connect…

what happens - or doesn’t - exactly?

Thanks for writing.
I open vst connect pro from Nuendo. Generate the memetic code. Attempt to sign in on my iOS studio pass.

Nothing but connection failed : “no reply”.

Are you trying to connect locally, means within the same network? That is not possible.
Next I would suggest to entirely de-and then reinstall VST Connect PRO as you tried some things before. Something is strange with your configuration, otherwise there is no reason for Nuendo to show “VST Connect PRO” when it isn’t even installed - I know you have it now, but you shouldn’t have seen it in the first place. That seems highly suspicious.
Finally, the message suggests that you may have some additional firewall or so called “internet security” tools on either end. Make sure those don’t get in the way, try to disable it and see if it works then. But then you said you didn’t. “Internet works fine” isn’t a measure though (it would throw a different message if there was no internet connection), VST Connect requires basic communication which always works unless it is explicitly blocked, however the message says explicitly that it is able to start a connection, but gets no reply at all. Again, both sides should not have any such blocking installed or configured.

Excuseme, I have big problems too.
Could you tell me some solution?

  1. Once I succeed connecting between my PC(win10, Cubase Pro 9.5) and IPhone 7(iOS 12.4.1, Studio Pass),
    but I close the host app without logging out my IPhone app.
    Then I could never log in to Studio Pass on my IPhone, with following message “You are already in a session.”.

  2. When I installed Studio Pass on my IPhone, the app didn’t ask me to allow accessing IPhone’s camera or mic.
    So I can’t see the view of camera or sound of mic, but only blank view.

How can I solve these problem?
I’m very suffered from the imperfections of app X(