Studio Presets making multiple "Default" presets

When I go to VST Connections - Studio to grab a preset, I see many copies of the “Default” preset. When I say many, I mean well over a hundred. I also see multiple versions of the handful of presets that I’ve created. Evidently, the file (I’m on a Mac) in /user/Library/Preferences/Nuendo 6/Presets/ControlRoomPresets.pxml is being written every time I quit the program. I can watch it add another block of data for “Default.” This did this in Nuendo 5 and 5.5, but not in N4.

To find my most recent custom preset, I have to scroll down several pages just to find it. In N5, I wound up deleting each extra “Default” setting and locking the pxml file. But if I want to create a new preset, I have to quit and restart Nuendo after unlocking the file - that’s not always handy.

And another related question: how do I create a “Default” setting so I don’t always have to reload a custom one every time I start the program? Just save my preferred studio as “Default”? Which one of the hundreds will it choose next time it fires up?

Any ideas?