Studio Send Level/Eq Band Type QuickControls/Generic Remote

I can assign/learn a specific channels studio send level to a quick control.
I can assign/learn a specific channels eq band type selection to a quick control.

has anybody managed to find out the parameter numbers, or any other way to have the studio send levels and the eq band type selection of the currently selected channel available in the generic remote?

@ Steinberg support:

It IS possible to adress studio send levels via quick controls, so the parameters are there already.

Would you please help to adress these parameters via the generic remote, too?

Which parameter numbers do I have to use in the generic remote xml file?

It would be a great pleasure to see things like the AI knob implemented in the generic remote, too.

:smiley: :smiley:

any ideas?

No, Steinberg hasn´t implemented that in Generic Remote so far :wink:

Es wäre schön, wenn das in Zukunft in der Generic Remote mal eingepflegt wird.
Auch eine Implementation der Mixerpresets wäre sehr gut ( so wie auf der Mackie Control mit den Fader Banks).

I guess its just a UI problem, like the 14bit message flag…

+1 Implementation of “AI Knob” into Generic Remote
+1 Implementation of “EQ Band Type” into Generic Remote

I also would love to have the possibility to use cubase while the “Generic Remote” dialog is still open so you could change parameters inside the generic remote while testing them in cubase at the same time without the need to always first confirming the generic remote dialog.