Studio sends via QC or Generic Remote


Can I use external control to switch on and control level of studio sends?


Via generic midi device. Set your hardware to control your quick controls. Then QC learn on each channel so that 4 of the QC’s control the studio sends.

Since there are four sends, it might be beneficial to save a track preset that includes these quick controls. Setting up on every channel is a chore even with the learn functions.


If I read you right, I should see Studio sends as selectable parameters in each QC param list.

I don’t…I do see teh FX sends, but no studio sends??

You have to use the QC learn button. Click it, then highlight the slot you want to use, then manually move the studio send level on the channel strip. You will see that the QC slot will now control the studio send level. Rinse and repeat.

Again, even though the learn function makes things a hell of a lot faster, it is still quite a task to set up QC’s for every track in a pre existing session. I highly recommend creating track presets and templates with them.

Cheers KDS, got that to work…now if we could copy qc’s across tracks! :bulb:

Trying to do a fast setup of two qc’s - St Snd 1 Enable and St Snd 1 Level - if there was a shortcut to put the QC panel into Learn mode, we’d be there -
Open Track with QC panel open in the inspector :: Click QC Learn Mode [shortcut needed for this] :: touch S Snd Enable in the mixer :: down key :: touch S Snd Lvl in the mixer :: select next track

By the way, is there an xml file for the menus that open in the Generic Remote Device panel :: it would be handy to see what’s available for remote controls offline.

I think QC’s should have:

Key command/midi command of the LEARN button

QC presets: you could save your send set up as well as others and quickly switch btw them

Now you see why I’m a fan of the track preset

Does this work for VariAudio Quantize and straighten pitch in the Audio Editor?