Studio Setup: audio system "Port System Names" are broken

In “Studio Setup | VST Audio System”, the audio Port System Names are incorrectly not obtained from the ASIO driver(s), so all the port names are generic input name. It looks like the port names are now just constructed from the ASIO driver name, with a number tacked on the end. They are supposed to have the names provided by the ASIO driver, as it has been for decades. The Reset button on that dialog is supposed to clear any “Show As” names you’ve assigned and at the same time, retrieve the driver’s current Port System Name.

For example, the UAD ASIO driver port names are set in the UAD “Console | Settings | I/O Matrix page”. NOTE that these are separate from the names shown on the UAD Console Mixer scribble strip; the strip names can be changed at will, just the same as Cubase’s “Show As” names.

As an aside, what’s with the bizarre and hard-to-read new color scheme of the Studio Setup dialog, Audio Connections dialog, and so on? It’s garish and the font size is too big, among other things. Hopefully these changes mean there’s finally some attention being made to modernize these bits, old as Cubase itself, and that’s a good thing, but the GUI as it stands now is not a step forward, IMHO. Perhaps there’s new settings to control it?

– jdm

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Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Could you provide a screenshot Cubase 10.5 vs Cubase 11 comparison when the same settings, please?

These weren’t all snapshot at the exact same time/config, but the difference is clear, nonetheless.

Here’s the UAD Console I/O Matrix, where you assign names to ports for the driver:


Here’s Cubase 10.5. Notice the “Port System Name” column is populated from the UAD driver names, created in Console. If I were to click Reset, any names I put in the Show As column are reset to the Port System Name on the left, which is often just fine, as I’ve already set the names in UAD Console.

Now here it is in Cubase 11. You see that instead of the UAD driver names, all the Port System Names are merely “Universal Audio Thunderbolt number
cubase11_port_system_names|351x500 !

And no, Cubase Safe Start Mode did not make a whit of difference.

– jdm

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Hello, Is this solved ?
Our customer has RME Fireface UFX on MacOS and co-installation of Cubase 10.5 and Cubase 10.11.
I/O Port names are totally different in Cubase 11.
In 10.5 looks fine and logical. In 11 are only numbered.
Looks very similar to screenshots above…

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Getting the same. Really challenging to configure inputs. I have cascading units so its harder to locate what is a line input vs an ADAT input.

Indeed, this is a pain. Most any audio interface these days has 2 places to assign names: the ASIO driver layer and the mixer, e.g., UAD Console, RME Totalmix. Then Cubase has 2 more: the ASIO driver layer again, and the Audio Input (F4) window. I understand why each of these is there, and I’m sure there are folks who choose to make each of these four their “master” list. But managing the ASIO names in two places is a PiTA, IMHO, which is why the now-broken Reset button in Cubase’s ASIO driver name setup (“Studio Setup”) is so valuable in reducing confusion: set the names in the audio interface’s ASIO panel, then in Cubase, hit Reset to sync them up.

One would hope that since this worked up until Cubase 11, it should be relatively easy for an engineer at Steinberg to fix. After all, that’s why Dog created source code control systems, e.g., git.