Studio4 and Panasonics KN7000

Hi all,
apology if this is not the right place to put these questions.
A mate and I have been struggling all night to install this software on my new CPU. Dongle probs, eventually got round by a visit to ELicence site.
Now we have it installed and by the use of the USB connection can get Audio playback of Midi tracks onto the Keyboard.
What we are now struggling with, is Midi I/P-O/P from cubase to the Keyboard. If we try to “add device”, the keyboard is not showing up as an option for selection.
I tried to install an M-Audio 2496 card into this machine, but the PCI slot wouldn’t accept it. I think that was because I have a win7-64bit and the card I had was 32bit. The reason for attempting this, was, my existing, Creative SB X-Fi card, doesn’t have Midi In/Out/Thru connections. I have since purchased a Midi to USB connector lead , which seems to work with Cakewalk2002.
So how do we get Cubase to see the KN7000, also I have the KN7000.ins files to hand where are they to be installed?
Any assistance would be extremely appreciated.

Regards JohnT