StudioEQ settings disappear Cubase v5-v6

Hi. I am trying to complete my A-Level Music Tech coursework and I am confused as to why my StudioEQ settings keep vanishing.
At college we still use Cubase 5 whereas at home I have Cubase 6.
In the past I have taken projects from college to home and vice versa and it has always worked fine.
However with this particular project, when I finish at college I copy the whole project folder/ subfolders to my USB membery stick and when I open it on Cubase 6 all of the StudioEQ settings are flat lined. The preset name still shows.
Also all other effect inserts and their settings work fine. The problem seems isolated to StudioEQ.
If I can somehow retrieve the settings this will save me about 3 hours work tonight.
Any suggestions?


There is no backward compatibility from Cubase 6 to Cubase 5. So if you try to open C6 projects in the C5, nobody knows.

Check this Project compatibility grid.

I know, you wrote the second case, you created project in C5 and it’s not possible to Open it in C6. But if you opened this one project in C6, than back in C5, etc. I don’t know.

In this case, I will try to save the project again in C5, as Backup project. I will try to save whole Mix settings, and if you have not lots of tracks, I will try to save any track settings as preset too. One of this could works.

Good luck!

Just install Cubase 5 at home. The license for 6 is license for all previous versions, and 5 and 6 coexist in the same system.

Thanks Martin.
The odd thing is that the issue happens when taking a Cubase 5 project and reading it in Cubase 6. I have seen the compatability grid you referenced and also spoke to Steinberg directly before purchasing Cubase 6 and both the grid and Steinberg confirm that v5 and v6 are compatible.
I will try your suggestion.

Thanks Arjan
I didn’t know I could do this.
Is there somewhere where I can download a copy of v5 as the Steinberg website only allows me to download updates for v5 and not the actual product?

Good point!

I’m afraid, there is no full installation of Cubase on the Steinberg web. Try to check There is Download folder > Cubase_5. There is Cubase_5_Trial, but there is no installation file of full Cubase 5. But check it, maybye, you will find it.

I think the trial will after installation turn out to be a regular full version with your license (not sure here), and then all you need is the update to whichever version you have at college. If this doesn’t work, you might be able to use the college install disk - if they let you, ofcourse.

Yes, Trial will turn out to be regular full version with full version license.