Studiologic SL-990 MIDI controller Advice


I’m just getting ramped up with CUBASE for the first time, working through the tutorials, etc., so I come to this forum admittedly not knowing my arse from a hole in the ground. As for me, I’m a guitarist and singer, but I would like to get a MIDI controller in order to fully realize the full potential of the recording suite.

So, I found a used Studiologic SL-990 for an excellent price, seems like a really solid keyboard, 88 weighted keys, I like the look and feel, but I’m reticent to go ahead and buy without knowing if this is going to be a good interface for me (oh, as an aside, I’m using a ZOOM R8 little stand alone digital 8 for my CUBASE interface). Can anyone tell me if this is going to be a good set up for me. Again, I do appreciate it because I am just so truly ignorant at how to get this all set up, and if I could avoid some mistakes as I build, it would be such a fantastic help…sincerely.