Studiologic VMK-188 and Cubase. Pedal issues

I’m having a weird problem here.

Playing EastWest Pianos on a Studiologic VMK-188plus in Cubase, the sustain pedal acts very strange. It keeps sending lots of midi messages long after I’ve pressed the pedal, in recorded tracks there are TONS of dots where there should be a simple on or off. As a result, playback gets completely bonkers, sometimes the sustain is reversed, sometimes not, and I have to start a long painful process to delete some dots here and there to solve it. I never know which ones, of course.

Not using continuous sustain, I don’t know if it even offers that.

Being interested in making music and not dealing with the editing of midi messages, I wonder if there is any solution to this? Is it a known problem?

When I plug the same pedal into my Fantom it works properly, btw. It’s something weird on the keyboard side I think.

Ah, typical. One always finds the solution after posting a thread about it, right? :blush:

Clearly the pedal jacks are mono only, and my pedal was stereo. Changed to a cheap switch pedal and it works. At least that’s my theory.

Off to find a proper pedal with mono jack then.