Stupid plugin problem

I recently tried Izotope iDrum and would like to purchase it (demo runs for 10 days) but have found a free drum plugin called MDrummer.

idrum is probably more suited to electro rhythms which I can mostly satisfy using loops but for more organic sounds MDrummer sounds very good even just triggering from my keyboard.

The problem is even though I disabled the demo on the VST rack…, everytime I open up cubase it says it is unavailable even though the dll file is still in the VSTplugins folder.

Is there any way to disable this message because I don’t want to lose my settings when I finally decide to purchase iDrum.

You can temporarily move the dll file to a new folder for example called “disabled plugins”.

Hiya Ghost Decoy!

Would that allow me to still have the plugin on the rack?

Although I own a copy of Cubase I prefer not to save presets in the mediabay and I’d rather just have the plugin de-activated (not moved).


Go to Geräte > VST PlugIns and deselect it there.
I never used the english version. So I guess Geräte is Devices.

Best Regards


I checked Plugin Information did a re-scan and it wasn’t there as it had already been moved but I’m still being pestered each time I load a song into Cubase.

Should I put the dll file back to where it was and just trust the Mediabay to save the preset because the machine I’m on isn’t mine.


Put the dll back to where it wasand THEN deacticate it
in the plugin infos :wink: