Stupid True - another song made with C6.5

Hi Everybody!

Today i offer to your attention my new/old song that called Stupid True - song for girfriends and wifes :smiley:

All guitars were recorded with Shure SM57, Bass guitar directly in sound cart, drumz are mix of Groove Agent and real drumz that i recorded with 4 mics ( one of them on hihat - was chines karaoke 10euro mic :wink: ).

All synth sounds are from Cubase Halion and Ebraser, tremolo fx on guitars, delays also from Cubase6,5.

So here the link Russ Diggy | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

PS there two version of Stupid True song, one ballad -old version that was recorded with multitrack Boss, another new Cubse version - first in list.

Thank you , and i hope you will enjoy.