Stupid Windows 10 notifications

We’ve all been there - in the middle of our best take when some stupid notification about nothing chimes in randomly! How do we turn this off for good? Usually some marketing email but can be some YouTube or social media crap. So distracting!

Don’t run your email app, disallow notifications in your browser, etc., etc

I hear you Steve. Mail app notifications seem to chime in regardless of whether the Mail app is open or not!

Go to Start > Settings > System > Notifications and actions. Under “Notifications” turn off “Get notifications from apps and other senders”, that should stop most. I’ve un-ticked everything on this page without any harm…so far. If you don’t like it just reverse what you did.



Suddenly I feel good on still using Windows 7. :slight_smile:
Here’s the official MS article on changing these settings:

Perhaps Windows 10 is better for gathering data on people. Thank otherwise? Why did MS push Windows 7 users to upgrade quite like they did when it was first launched? Other than the fact that it was arguably a glorified public beta!

Good advice Mauri. I’ve done all this is in the past, however you end up having to re-enable it in order for certain things to work. Also if you turn things off you find they get turned back on with certain build updates

I’m tellin’ ya. Don’t let the email app start up.