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Hi People, I am enjoying using Stutter Edit 2 but what I’d really like to do is make up a long repeated loop of an instrument - with the beat and bass playing - and then try and experiment with different sound settings or gestures in Stutter - but be recording the instrument and stutter effects as a separate audio track that would just be the instrument without the drums and bass.

Then I might be able to cut the elements that really worked well by accident back into the production - at the moment I try things out and remember the midi note and paste that in but it’s quite slow. Is there a way of having an instrument with Stutter on it - that is being recorded as an audio track as one experiments and fiddles around with gestures/settings live? Could someone tell me how I might route this? I am on Cubase 12, I have set up audio tracks following youtube tutorials but the meter never moves, and I’m clearly not getting anything into the track that might be recorded.

Thank you community!

yours George

That should be possible.
You have to create a Group track and a new stereo Audio track to record upon. Route the instrument channel to the Group track, then the Group track to the Audio track. (In Cubase 13 the Group track would no longer be necessary.)

Now there are two ways to go about this if your Instrument is playing back a sequence in a part:

  1. Set the locators around the midi part and enable cycle recording. The result will be several lanes on the audio track.
  2. You can setup the Independent Track Loop for the Midi part, activate that and then just record with the regular cycle switched off. This will give you one long audio recording.

To learn about the Independent Track Loop ( I have a feeling it is one the lesser used functions in Cubase), check out the manual:

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a group*
If you go to play mode it will give you the correct routing for cubase

Hi Johnny, thank you very much for replying. Am busy trying to follow your instructions now! Thanks again, yours George

Hi Ontrei,

Thanks for your reply, I have tried to follow the instructions on that page of Stutter Edit but it never seems to record but I’ll keep trying. Thanks again, yours George

So for it to work it audio mode it just needs to be on the track as an effect. Select a preset and you should get sound.

As you can see in my screenshot. In the second scenario I have stutter edit on a fx track.
Whether it’s audio or midi you need to set the output of said midi/audio track to the stutter fx track. Then - using your keyboard piano - pre recorded midi. You put the midi on a seperate midi track and also route that output to Stutter edit.

Stutter Fx can remain untouched aside from setting the mode to midi.
When all is done your routing should look like this >
Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 7.45.45 pm

If you need help walking it through I can organise some time to zoom. Hope this helps!

Hi Johnny, yes it works! Thanks again.

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Wow! I only just saw this Ontrei. This is very kind. I’ll study it and get back to you.

Thanks George

Ontrei’s method should also work but it will leave you with a different result. My proposal will give you an audio recording, Ontrei’s proposal will result in a midi recording. Of course, the midi recording can be transfered into audio at any time.

I didn’t even bother with the audio cause it’s as easy as chucking it on an insert lol. Stutter edit is a weird one. I think I like it but sometimes I just don’t know…

Dear Johnny & Outrei, I can’t thank you both enough, I will try Outrei’s latest suggestion when I get back to the house. But your input is much appreciated and you both obviously know your stuff. All great! yours George

Hey, I see. Let’s clarify what you’re trying to do. SO from the sounds of it you want stutter edit to be baked into audio?
Or are you looking to have it on audio - but have the midi you play effect stutter edit?
Or are you looking to use it on midi?
From the sounds of it though your having trouble getting what you play with baked in and committed to the event?

Hi Ontrei,
This exchange of ideas between yourself and Johnny has made me think about it again. I suppose the best solution - if one wants to try things out and just experiment by chance with all the Gestures in a bank in Stutter, is to create a midi track that drive Stutters that simple ascends from say C1 to C4, a midi line over a single bar each time. A line a new gesture. That way the bits you like you could just keep the midi section and delete the instances which you didn’t like. So maybe if I create a midi set up with the notes ascending or decending then I will have more control and it might be more efficient too. Also, I will be able to see which setting/gesture it was this way. yours George

On Stutter - do you have any tips on the set up? So many of the settings/gestures are extreme but fun for one or two bars, I just wondered if you have any sort of tips on things that work for you? Or less extreme settings. The ones with 1/16 note seem the best to me.

Sorry, to answer your question - previously I just wanted a long audio track that I would listen to can cut out the cool bits after say a 15 minute playing session trying all the different gestures out one bar at a time.

Ahhh I think I’ve got you!
So you want all that play recorded. Yes?
So what you want to do is place that midi and audio track into a group.
Make a new audio track.
Set the input for that audio track to the group bus and viola. You can resample everything you do!
This applies for everything.
Group it > route to audio track > record all that sweet magic!

Thanks Ontrei! Have a good Xmas!