Stutter Problem

Hi there,i have just switched from 32 bit to 64 bit and cubase 6.5 has started suffering from stuttering problems , it sounds like half a second of sound being looped it will stutter for about 3 seconds and then continue to play as normal but it did blue screen and crash once . i have switched from steinberg recomended power options and there is still no difference ,i have adjusted the buffer rates still no luck, i have switched graphics card still no luck . i am using a AMD Phenom ll x4 840 processor 3.20 ghz, 4 gig ram. e-mu 0404 pci card.
some actions can seem to trigger it like adjusting a steinberg compressor ,or same location on a track can trigger it :question:

Could be a lot of problems but 4GB of RAM with a 64 bit OS might be a problem. It sound a little like it could be a heat problem also. Older CPUs may be “capable” of 64 bit, but if the machine was not designed for it, it may be overheating and throttling. I don’t know AMD well enough to talk specifically.
Some more detailed system information might help someone give a better diagnosis.

Oh yeah. Could also be a driver issue. Did you update your drivers, especially the audio driver to 64 bit?

thanks for your help jaslan ,do you think more ram might help i think i could have a max of 16 gig in that machine . the e-mu sound card is using 64 bit driver. only other detail i can give is the motherboard is a gigabite m68mt-52.

I would feel bad to advise you to get more RAM and it doesn’t help but 8 GB does seem almost to be the standard these days. You could load a project up and use the Task Manager/Resource Monitor to see how the memory looks. If it starts using Virtual Memory, that is the indication that the real RAM is running out or getting very close.

thanks Jaslan i`ll look into the Task Manager/Resource Monitor and see if i can make any sense out of it ,i really appreciate your time and will keep you posted, thanks.

i think it may be CPU lag or overload. call up your asio perfomance meter thingy when you play. if it goes any thing above 75%, you are maxing out.
i use a windows system so i also view how my processor is reacting to cubase. anything above 75% total cpu power on the performance indicator graph on all cores results in a nightmare.

dont think its RAM. I dont think you will ever use a higher count on RAM than 3.2Gb. this biggest session i have worked on had about 69 audio and instrument tracks and my RAM max usage was 2.82Gb out of 16gb available. wishing i had more CPU cores coz that counts more often than not

thanks for your reply i checked the asio and it was only on 20% max , i checked the cpu count in the Task Manager/Resource Monitor and it was saying about 4 , i noticed the vst bridge thingy was using maybe 5 ,i dont know how to read the Task Manager/Resource Monitor yet, should i be checking the memory usage i dont know.i am looking at getting another 4 gig stick i think see how it goes.

i don`t think it is an overheating problem either as regards cpu i think that was roundabout 30 c ,although the graphic card did get up to 52 celsius but it is only a cheapy with 150 or so memory,but that may be normal after a good session .i was told to re seat the cpu with some fresh thermal paste.

You mentioned bridging plug-ins. Make sure you aren’t using a 32 bit plug-in if there is a 64 bit version available. Most modern plug-ins should have a 64 bit version available.

Doh! ,Ok so i installed the 64 bit driver today and so far everything is great.will keep you posted .why didn`t i realize , num nutz :blush: