Stutter with moxf

Hello, I am new to Cubase and not extremely well versed at midi. I have been using PT for several years now doing mostly audio. I just purchased a Moxf6 and I purchased Cubase for the integration. Problem is, as I’m getting things worked out, there is a stutter on playback that is regular and persistent. Any suggestions on a setting switch I may be neglecting? Dell i5 with lots of ram has run both PT and Reason for quite a while with no glitches.

If you are referring to just using the built in sound card of your Dell laptop and simply using the MOXF as a MIDI controller, audio should run the same your previous PT and Reason DAW’s did. However, if you are referring to using the MOXF as a sound card…you will have to change a few things…

As the MOXF line of keyboards has its own built in “sound card” that is separate from the sounds card that resides inside your dell, you will have to tell Cubase ( as well as your Dell I’d imagine ) that you are choosing to use the MOFX sound card over the the internal Dell, if that is what you want.

Inside Cubase navigate to the DEVICES menu and choose DEVICE SETUP. Scroll down to VST AUDIO SYSTEM and select which sound card you want to use for Cubase. You can also set your overall system latency here a little higher if you are experiencing dropouts or glitches in the audio playback.

If you choose the MOXF audio sound card instead of the Dell built in laptop audio, you will actually be plugging your audio output ( OR Headphones ) into the MOXF instead of the Dell…as the MOXF will be playing back BOTH the audio from the computer AND the audio that the keyboard is making.
Great step by step here over at MOTIFATOR

Thanks alot for the reply. I have gone through all the setup steps and, yes I am using the Moxf as my “sound card”. Everything works quite well and I love the sounds. I have even figured out the quick setup features and the editor. The stutter is only in the midi playback of the songs I have transferred to Cubase 8.5 Pro. Recently, through some tweaking it seems to go away, but then returns. I haven’t been able to assess what I am doing different when it is gone. It almost seems like a glitch in the communication between Moxf, Cubase and the Moxf editor. Maybe a synch issue? I mostly have the moxf on auto.