Hi Folks,

I have a playback issue that comes and goes randomly and it’s a pain.

The sound cuts out, returns, cuts out, etc making Cubase unusable.

I’ve tried a few thing and don’t think I’m getting anywhere.

  • Turning off all other applications.
  • Reset the ASIO driver for QUAD-CAPTURE.
  • Restarting the computer.

    It’s just random and annoying.

I’ve made a recording of the situation.

Any ideas? (1.77 MB)

Hi there

If you give us info about your system we may be able to help, soundcard, pc specs etc.

Best Regards, Dave

Like DaveAbbott said, you need to give us some more information to be able to help you. However, the No.1 thing to try under these circumstances is to increase the buffer size of your Quad-Capture. It will increase the round trip latency but it will also give your computer more room to handle real time audio processing. Just put it on 2048 samples and see if this improves the issue. If not you might have a driver issue with one of your devices. If it works there’s ways to tweak your system to be able to operate correctly at lower latency levels. But again, you need to give us more information about your system in order for us to help you with this?

You can see the Cubase ASIO meter is maxed out. So if it’s much lower normally and randomly it does this you need to work out what might be causing it. Could be another program or service running in the background or may just be you haven’t configured Windows power management properly for audio.

Start here:

I’ve recently invested in a Microsoft Modern keyboard. I’d been using a wired Apple keyboard which I really like but doesn’t have a Print Screen button.

My computer is ten years old and didn’t have Bluetooth, so I purchased a Targus Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle and got everything going.
Since then, I noticed that every now and then the Bluetooth Services would fire up and I’d lose both Keyboard and mouse for a few seconds and then recover.

I suspect this may be the root of my issues.

As a first step, I’ve removed the dongle and have gone back to the wired Apple Keyboard and a wired mouse and things seem better. Time will tell.

DaveAbbot and Nickeldome: I lose all audio VST and non-VST it seems to be an output ‘thing’. Yes the VST does get very busy.
I was watching it the other day and the real-time bar was flat out and I wasn’t playing anything back! The average bar just wasn’t there.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Folks,

Been recording tonight and not one problem.

That sure takes away a lot of frustration.

Thanks for the advice.

Hi Folks, more info for what it’s worth.

The Bluetooth dongle comes with it’s own drivers. Somehow the proprietary drivers conflict with something in Windows and that is causing my issues.

If I uninstall the proprietary drivers and let Windows 10 choose, my issues seem to disappear.
Very odd.

I’ll keep testing.