Stuttering and missing notes

I have just bought cubasis. I started with a template, loaded one midi drums of 4 bars into one track and two tracks of micrologue playing 3 note chords, changing chords after 2 bars. The sound is stuttering and one micrologue voice drops notes after two bars. The problem is solved if I freeze a track. Surely cubasis should be able to handle more than 3 tracks before performance issues occur. It is supposed to be able to handle 24 tracks of similtanious recording. I have an iPad 3 16GB, no other apps are running in the background. I agonized over buying this app as a £35 outlay is a big deal for me at the moment.


this is certainly not a normal behavior… I assume you are just using the internal sound so far? What iOS are you using? Any more information would help.


Hi, thanks for your reply.
I am using iOS 8.1 and yes I am using the internal sounds.
Track one, drums: pop kit 1 AM beat 1 which double tapped to insert into a track.
Track 2, micrologue voice: Brite mystic strings
Track 3, micrologue vioce: Hesitation.

I did notice that if I set the release on the amplifier envelope to 0 it helped but I still could not use a third micrologue voice.
The notes dropping out are as though it is running out of polyphony but I don’t know about the stuttering.
I noticed that when the stuttering starts which about two bars in when the chord is changed the CPU meter goes from about 50% to near 80%
I have recorded 10 micro sonic voices and it seems ok. The problem seems to be related to the micrologue.
Even with the 10 micro sonic voices I can add a micrologue voice playing a triad chord but not anymore than one
I have done re install of cubasis but still the problem exists.
Paul m

Hi Paulm,

CPU-demanding instruments such as the Micrologue significantly increase the system load. Furthermore older devices such as iPad 2 and iPad 3 reach their capacities significantly faster than current models.

As a workaround try to find a good compromise between Microsonic (CPU-lightweight) and Micrologue instances. Avoid huge polyphonic pad sounds from Micrologue (go for monophonic sounds instead) and/or make use of track freeze to free some CPU-power.

Please follow this link to learn more about the topic:

Hope that helps,