Stuttering and very Laggy - 2018 MacBook Pro Mojave

Hello All,

I updated to the eagerly anticipated 10.5 earlier and am finding it unusable. Lag is unbearable with glitching going on. If I switch to mixer view it takes seconds for anything to happen, the meters are very slow to respond and freeze constantly. At the moment 10.5 is not an option.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Macbook Por 2018 i7, Mojave 10.14.6, Cubase 10.5

Yes, intermittently.

I have experienced exactly the same on my macbook pro mojave, went back with 10 for the moment!

The same issue here on Mojave ! 10.5 unusable but the version 10 on the same Mac Pro 5.1 works perfectly !

Yes. Very. Do you have a RME card with totalmix? I got a much better performance with totalmix off.

I can’t believe how terrible 10.5 is!!! I can’t work at all! Completely buggy, wheel spinning at all times, music is playing but nothing is moving, completely useless!!! Worst DAW I’ve ever tried! Is anyone able to run a smooth session at all?? I’ve tried on MacBook Pro Mojave and Mac Pro Mojave, same issues!