Stuttering Cursor (Line) in all modes

I have a brand new 2017 5K iMac with a 4gb Graphics Card, 1TB SSD, 16gb of RAM - the cursor (the scrolling line) is completely unusable. Is there something wrong with my computer (it’s brand new) or is this a common problem with the software? Is there a setting. I literally have a Windows 98 computer with Wavelab 2.0 on it that doesn’t do this. What’s going on?? Please help. I tried to add the video of it but this forum isn’t attaching it even though it says it can. Just imagine a struggling computer trying to render and refresh a scrolling line.

What version of WaveLab do you have installed? This was a problem when 9.5 was first released but it was quickly fixed with an update.

9.5.15 is the latest version.

Wavelab 9.5. I have all the updates. They are kicking it over to engineering support. They increased to max buffer size but it did not do anything. Also, another issue, is the program will not import from the lower pane (of a new project) and is crashing my computer when trying to play .wav files from my new Sound Devices MixPre 10T. Steinberg tech support reinstalled the software and it did not fix the issue. Sound Devices cannot understand why this is happening and now I’m on the phone with Apple waiting on their tech support but I don’t expect much. Relying on this community. Sound Devices is going to analyze the file, but, the file plays in Quicktime, but crashed Wavelab.

If you use the Apple Build Audio Device, do you have the same problems?

Can someone please let me know if there is a fix for this???

What version of WaveLab do you have installed? 9.5.40 is the current version.

Also, did you try an alternate audio device as PG suggested/asked to help narrow it down?