Stuttering Cursor

I create a new song, in the arrange page, I load groove Agent SE5, create a 2 bar midi event, put a kick on every beat 8 kicks, play the track, cursor travels smoothly, I activate the edit instrument, the cursor stutters across the 2 bars, it looks like the cursor stops at each kick momentarily, also in the edit screen of Groove Agent that cursor looks to be stopping, as soon as I deactivate the instrument the cursor reacts normally. Cubase 11 Pro.Version 11.0.41 Build 448

Might be a resampling issue. What sample rate is your Project set to?

Hi, In the Studio setup, HW sample rate 48KHz, the same in the Project setup record file format, I have noticed that with any Groove Agent and drum pattern as soon as I activate the edit instrument button the stuttering is back, if I mute the pads in the Lowe zone its ok, when I unmute the pad in the lower zone, and mute the pad on the instrument the steering is back, it appears to be associated with the arrange page

I may not be any help. Are you PC? It almost sounds like your computer is not up to the job? What OS and processor are you running?

iMac 27 inch with dual monitors, 32 gig of ram, i5 6 core Monterrey iOS version 12.2.1. screens are Retina 5K, equal in quality to my 85 inch 4K TV. I don’t think the Mac is the problem, my CPU activity monitor is just about registering activity,

This may not help much, I have had similar issues for ages, but with a PC sytem. It can happen with an almost empty project, no VSTs etc. It is suggested that the problem is with the graphics processing. I presume your Mac system wouldn’t use NVIDIA, but you do have quite a lot of video hardware there.

the hardware is designed to work together, the lightening screen is as expensive as the computer, the screens graphics are amazing, but when you consider the screen is around a grand, it ought to be capable, the setup has worked fine from 9. through to 10.5, Ive had cubase for over 20 years, not on this computer but mainly Macs, I don’t suspect the screens.

Wow, quite the setup there, nickyboy! Also, when you say you are entering the edit mode, is this the edit option in GA5 or Cubase?

Q: Does this behavior happen when you use GA5 in the Standalone mode? And I assume you have Cubase as a priority and no other audio apps running or sitting in the que? Do you have iTunes on your Mac? I don’t install it on my PC because it’s too intrusive. I’m suggesting there may be another app that is somehow confused by the playback of your GA5.

Oh, wait, I see you are running the SE version? Why don’t you download the full version and see if the behavior is diff? And so now I think you are talking about the Edit mode in Cubase, yes?

I’ve found the problem. The lightening screen was set. Upas the main screen on a previous version of Cunard and I never bothered to change it back but now I have its running :joy::joy::+1::+1:

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