Stuttering on both Mac & PC

Hi there,

I thought before I actually jump off a building I give this forum a try, perhaps I can find a solution to the issue I’m having on my system (below):

A couple of weeks ago I started experiencing major stuttering during playbacks on my Mac Mini so I decided to test the same Cubase template (2200+ tracks) on my slave PC. I installed Cubase 10.5 on the PC and connected it to 6 instances of VEPro (Locally). Unfortunately, I’m still experiencing stuttering even on a single instrument.

The control panel window under ASIO Driver doesn’t appear when I try to change the buffer size. On MacMini I could change the buffer size from as low as 128 and as high as 2000+ but on the PC this doesn’t appear. any suggestions?

On the PC, I’m consuming about 220GB of RAM with everything loaded. The CPU load hits 99% when I do a playback but I just don’t know how to get around fixing this issue.

One other issue before I decided to test the Cubase on the PC, Cubase recognises Zen-Tour (on Mac) and every instance is connected but I don’t hear any sound. The way I fix this is to unplug the power from the back of the Zen-Tour and reboot it again. All the firmware and drivers are up to date on Zen Tour.

I’d appreciate any input anyone can have. Thanks for your time in advance.

Here is a breakdown of my entire system:
Cubase 10 at the time of the issue and now 10.5 on Mac Mini 2018,
OS, Mojave, 10.14.3
3.2 GHz Intel i7

VEPro 6 at the time and now on VEPro 7 on the PC: Windows 10
256GB of RAM, I’m using about 220GB of RAM when all instances are loaded.
Dual CPU, Intel Xeon 35-2620 V3 @2.40 GHz.

Audio Interface:
Antelope Audio Zen tour, connected via USB to MacMini.