stuttering / slow video in C9.5

Hi all,
switched to 9.5 the other week, and started a short film scoring / mixing project.
I was given a 13 minute mp4 , 1080p with 10 mbit/s bitrate. Pretty average stuff you’d think.
The project now has about 12 mono and 2 stereo audio tracks in 48khz in AIF format, and scolling or start/stopping in the project has the video stuttering od restarting slowly, to the point where it’s sometimes hard to know if you’re actually precisely on a frame or cut.
I’ve worked with way heavier and longer video files in Cubase 7 or even 5 and never experienced this problem with the video engine.
My PC is a video editing machine btw and its performance should not be the issue.

Is there a particular reason for this related to the new video engine in C9.5? Any known solution?


seriously…no one???
nobody scoring fims here?

The video engine is so slow it’s impossible to work precisely to frame or editing rhythms.
Unusable, have to get back to 5 or 7 to work efficiently.

It might flow better if you crunch the video down to say 1280x720 at perhaps 4 mbits. The free DaVinci Resolve can do it just fine. I did a short film with Elements 9.5 with a 720 workprint, using an old i7-960 processor. Image flowed like water at all times. Looked great on the screen, no aesthetic compromises from poor image quality. Some formats definitely work better than others, I tested a few different ones and there were notable differences that didn’t directly relate to size, can’t remember the details but at 720 just about anything will work.

I was also having big problems with stuttering, after updated to 9.5.

I´ve found the solution here in the forum but don`t remember which post. Fortunatelly I saved the info, so here it goes:

Download XMedia Recode (it`s free)

Use this program to convert your video file:

Select Profile = Custom

Format = Mov

Select File

Go to Video Tab select Codec = Apple ProRes

Select Profile Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)

Go to Audio Tab Select Mode = Copy

Add to Queue and Encode

That solved all my problems while I wait Steinberg fix the video engine.

Edited: Found the post:

Thanks for the replies.

The bitrate is usually a more problematic factor that the actual pixel size, but you 're probaly be right that downgrading it to below 6mb/s might help.

I’d be surprised if the prores 422 actually ran better that a much lighter mp4, espacially on a PC, ( and the engine is now apparently not quicktime based anymore ) but you seem to have good results with it.

I’ll give both your tips a try, thanks again.