Stuttering with UR28M on Windows 10

The sound stops for 1-2 seconds and then resumes playing. Spotify, Youtube or whatever.

Just FYI

On the bleeding edge eh? :laughing:

I’m just saying that the driver for W10 is not working. Having issues in cubase too.

Hey lads got the same issue, and its very annoying. Update/Downdate of firmware didnt help, also have tried few different YSusb driver verions. Any solution?

Cubase 7.5, windows 10 64b, YSusb 1.9.2, ur firmware 1.1


Sounds like the same issue I’m getting with a UR22 on Windows 7 using 1.9.5.
I’m starting to suspect that their drivers simply aren’t very good. :frowning:

Same driver is sharing my MOX8 and its working like a charm. So don’t think driver is an issue. Firmware perhaps?

What motherboard are you using himynameismate?

I am going to guess an ASRock Z series?

Quite. ASRock does seem to be a name that keeps popping up.
(Pedantic of me jimmys69, but just to obviate further confusion in a situation where we’re already rather in the dark: ASUS is a different company to ASRock. I believe there was a connection when they founded, but that was over a decade ago.)

Thank you. I’m not even sure how I assumed that… I edited my post to stop any confusion. :slight_smile:

Just installed a new PCIe USB2.0 Controller card and testing. Fingers crossed!

Me too! I cross all my fingers into a knotty clench!

55 minutes without a dropout so far! Hoping… :slight_smile:

Local PC repair shop loaned this used card to me to see what happens.