Hi all. I’m using bootcamped macbook pro cubase 5.1. RME FF400

Eerysooften if I play a heavy VSTi like Kontakt or addictive drums, the audio starts to stutter. Sometimes it just stops, then carries on after a while… It’s like cubase gets ‘full up’ with information, then stutters. Is this normal? Glitching I can understand but this is just weird.

It happens say once a day. Is this an RME/Macbook problem or is it a cubase problem. It’s not the usual dropout due to buffer settings, it’s more of a stammer… and it happens if you use the instrument constantly for say a minute or two.

Any ideas?

The MBP is the last generation core 2 duo before they went unibody.

This happens to me every once in a while. I usually notice that something started in the background like an Anti-Virus scan or something that might use up resources. On a laptop, it is often caused by heat.

So this is normal then. I thought it might be a problem with fireface and macbook pros. If this is normal, that totally rules out cubase for live work then?

What laptop are you using? What soundcard? Maybe we have the same and it’s just a firewire problem?

I use an XPS m1730 with an M-audio Fast Track Pro USB 4x4. I even get the slow down and stuttering during games sometimes. I used a utility called RivaTuner that lets you look at temperatures on the CPU cores and GPU and noticed a direct correlation between the high temperatures and the slow-down and stuttering. Keeping a laptop cool(especially the older ones) when pushing them hard can be a challenge. The newer technologies have done quite a lot in terms of keeping laptops from getting so hot.

I don’t know about laptops or macbooks, but desktops usually have options which throttle your CPU when the temperature rises to a certain level. It might be worth looking into your BIOS to see if there’s anything like that. Do monitor your temperatures for a while though, these measures are there for a reason :wink:

I think there is a problem with my Fireface 400. Apparently some of the older macs have a firewire chipset which is shite, I think this is causing the problem. Apparently if you put an active firewire repeater cable in it solves the problem. Just ordered one.