Styling instrument changes

Is it possible in Dorico to apply different style to instrument change text, such as colour, or a box around (similar to rehearsal marks) ? I can’t find a way, and the instrument changes don’t appear to be selectable in engrave mode. I’d find it incredibly useful because I score a lot of music for a single keyboard player with many patch (instrument) changes, sometimes every few bars, and it would be great if they could be made to jump out of the page a bit more. My ideal would be a box around, like rehearsal marks, with a different colour background.


I don’t think there is an option to create boxed text, but you get close to what you asked for with Paragraph Styles in the Engrave menu.

Fantastic, Rob, thank-you! I had somehow overlooked that dialog entirely!!


Yes, boxes please!!!

▎ test▕
faux box test.png

here it works almost perfectly
font: Arial (unfortunately Helvetica has different line height)
faux box test Arial - kind of good box.png

and with the option to have the box in the parts only and not the score please. thx.
(the font trick does it in both).

fyi, I see this has been continued into this thread :