Stylistic Indication for the overall score


In a very large score (30 staves or more) I would like to indicate for the conductor some stylistic text at the top, such as “Brilliantly” or “Majestically”. I would also like these to appear on all parts but not every stave of the score.

Having just switched from Finale I cannot find how to do this in Dorico.

All help appreciated.

You can do this either as a tempo mark or as system text (which both appear at system object positions, as per my reply in your other thread). For system text, press Shift-Alt-X (rather than Shift-X for staff text)

Try System Text (SHIFT+ALT+X on a PC.)

(Ah, ninja’d by Lillie.)

Thank you Lillie! I will try this.

This works beautifully. Thank you, Lillie.