Stylus RMX in Cubase 8 Pro

I’m currently using 1.9.6 on the Stylus RMX.

I see it in the VST list, but when I open it, Cubase freezes and doesn’t let me do anything…

Is there a workaround to this? I’ve tried J-Bridging as well but no luck.

try the latest version of Stylus 1.9.8c ! no problem here.

Off topic but I wish they would release RMX 2 with cutting edge improved drum and percussion samples it’s way over due !

I have the latest version of Stylus RMX and it works in 8.5.2

However I have an issue which affects SOME (but not all) of my Stylus libraries in which selecting a loop to audition when running the project results in an audio glitch and the loop failing to run. Clicking on the loop a second time gets the loop running in sync.

I’ve had some excellent support from Spectrasonics, but have been unable to resolve it. My Stylus library is quite large with a lot of third party loops in it, possibly this is the reason. They suggest re-installing it but there’s too much work on at present to do this…