Styrian accordion

Hello Dorico-Team. Will there be support for tabulature of Styrian accordion?

I can’t speak for them, but for now, I’m pretty sure that if you mean Griffschrift, it can all be notated provided you don’t mind it not playing back. The letters can be lyrics and the underline can be a text made of underscores and then flipped (or having a text made with the arrow crafter font. I realize it doesn’t replace true tablature, but it’s a start.

That’s a good idea to write the Griffschrift. It looks very good.
But I need it in the other direction, to convert the Griffschrift to normal notation.
I don’t play “Steirische Harmonika”, so I always have to decode the Griffschrift manually, depending on the model of the harmonica.

We have no current plans to support Styrian accordion tablature, but of course if there is sufficient demand it is something we can consider in future.

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Good to know. I hope that there will be enough interested people to get the impetus to do so.

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Now 2 years later what about your plans extending the software with styrian harmonica notation hoping there would be enough interested users?