Sub-bracket by instrument sub-family?

I wonder if a future version of Dorico could allow the option of automatically sub-bracketing by instrument sub-family? I.E. Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute all embraced by a sub-bracket, Oboes and English Horn, and so forth. And also perhaps a sub-sub-bracket for like instruments ā€“ Flutes 1 & 2?


I second this option, and also to bracket together same-type instruments, but not strings like Violin I and II, as Gould recommends.
Iā€™m editing a big orchestra project with several movements and doublings at the woodwinds. What I do is to add a single note at the beginning of the movement to every woodwind, even if they do not play, just to add a bracket change. Then I delete the notes. I do this because I cannot add bracket changes in Galley View.