Sub Bracket Issue with Divisi

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I have been struggling for a while now with a small issue regarding sub brackets and haven’t yet found a proper workaround, so maybe someone from this forum has a bright idea:

If during writing, you create a divisi in a string instrument, Dorico will create a sub bracket for this divisi, which is desired. However it does that right from the beginning of the part, even when it starts on a single staff and returns to a single stuff, that single staff now has a sub bracket which I personally wouldn’t want on the pages with only a single staff for that instrument.

However, even more annoying for me is the fact that this sub bracket now will remain on this instrument even if you get rid of all divisis eventually.
I’m fully aware that I can get rid of the sub bracket via Bracket change, however I have carefully organized my Instrument Families to automatically bracket the way I want them and introducing a Bracket change will interfere with my standard bracketing which in a worst case scenario means that I would need to adjust brackets on every page.

So long story short: Is there a way to automatically ONLY show sub bracket in this scenario on pages and systems where there actually is a divisi and NOT have sub brackets on pages where there is just a single staff?


In Layout Options > Brackets and Braces, set When only one staff of sub-bracketed group is shown to Do not draw sub-bracket.

Thank you, I first thought that might be the obvious solution but unfortunately, that setting interfers with condensed Woodwind & Brass staves where I do like to see a Sub Bracket when two or more instruments share one staff.

There’s no way to do this automatically at the moment, Robin. I will make a note of your requirement and we’ll see about implementing this in a future version.

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Thank you Daniel, much appreciated!