I have a score with a Soprano solo and SATB. The Soprano solo has been given a sub-bracket with the Soprano line of the choir. I can’t see how to change this so that the soloist is distinct from the choir. I imagine the solution would be in Setup mode, but I can’t find it, and I can’t find anything relevant in the Manual. Actually, I can’t find anything about brackets, sub-brackets, and braces. I’m sure the answer is there, but …

Unfortunately you can’t remove unwanted sub-brackets at the moment: you should be able to, via the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options, but due to a bug this option doesn’t work at present. Sorry!

For best results, use section players for the SATB staves, and a solo player for the solo soprano staff; this should also ensure independent numbering as well as bracketing.

Many thanks for your advice.