Sub Group into Stereo Master Bus Question

At the moment my current template sends everything to a group channel I call my master but which then feeds another group channel where I have some 2 buss processing on, which in turn goes to another group called volume which goes straight into the main stereo out, reason being if it sounds good but is way too hot I can just bring the volume into the stereo bus down but keep the sound I’m hearing.

What I want to know is does the Main Stereo out contain some sort of voodoo magic or is it the same as a group track ?.. I’ve never heard the difference just wondering, asking for a friend so too speak.




First, welcome to the forums.

What version of Cubase are you working with?

Generally speaking, Stereo Out is the Last Stop on the Train and everyone’s gotta get off. Before that, you can have (depending on version), Group Channels configured in myriad ways. Cubase offers very flexible Routing and, in most cases, won’t let you go wrong.

One of my Project Starter Templates has set of group channels configured to Feed a “Mix Bus” (Group) and the Mix Bus feeds a final Group Track I call “Master” which feeds Stereo Out.

Does that answer your question?

9.5 im on thanks for the reply, i guess what I was trying to find out is if there is anything different from the Stereo out (the last stop) or say bussing all your mix to a sub group, i can’t see there should be but was wondering if I missed something important. thanks

You can also take your master channel or group gain trims down if your mix is too hot.

No you got it.

The only thing that can get a bit tricky is if a group is “Inside Folder” or “Outside Folder.” As you work with it, you’ll find that in some cases a Group is better placed into the Group Tracks Folder and other times it’s better for it to be Outside of it. Try both and you’ll see how that works, if you have not explored that. Also, explore the Direct Routing system if you’ve not already done so.

Here’s a screen shot of the project starter Template I mentioned.

in your image why are the ROUTING entries red?

Here’s a screen shot of the project starter Template I mentioned.
Basic Template 02.png
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Yes, in that example, I colored the Routing to Red color.

Your screen shot was not uploaded.

how do you change the color of what shows in ROUTING?

Probably the same way you change all the other colors: in preferences.