Sub menus on second display pushed far right

I am running Dorico on a m1 mac mini with two displays, both displays are the same make and model. On the 2nd display Dorico displays any sub-menu on the far right of the screen. It seems to be fine if Dorico is displayed on Monitor 1. I never had this problem on my older Intel iMac with 2 displays. Galley View and Page View don’t show at all and I have to select from the View menu. The only way I could catch this was with a screen recording.

It seems after multple restarts of the mac and the monitors the problem has resolved itself, I’m still not sure what was going on.

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I see this occasionally myself when running Dorico on a system with multiple displays. It’s not confined to any particular OS or computer configuration. It’s a bug (or possibly more than one bug) in the underlying Qt framework that Dorico is built upon. My impression is that the problem is most likely to occur if Dorico is already running when you connect or disconnect a display, though I don’t really have any particular evidence for that. Normally I find that quitting and restarting Dorico after I have got my displays as I want them is sufficient to resolve it.