sub MIDI track for key articulation switches

Dear Cubase users and developers, most of modern vsti use keyboard keys (MIDI note numbers) for changing available articulations of instrument performance. If I have a lot of MIDI tracks in my project it takes a lot of time to transpose tracks to different key because articulation keys have to stay at the same notes when all other notes have to be transposed. I meet this problem often as i write for singers and to achieve the best result i have to adjust basic song key for them individually.
I think this problem could be solved by adding a sub MIDI track to the main MIDI track (like subtracks with other MIDI controllers) on which MIDI notes will not be effected when you apply MIDI transpose function. IF this opportunity is already exist, please share.
Now I solving this problem by creating 2 MIDI tracks for each instrument using color pallet to mark MIDI with actual notes and articulations. But I think it’s not a good solution.
What do you think about this?

what about using “VST Expression Map” ?

Yes this is how Cubase manages this issue. Make sure to read the documentation carefully and experiment a bit before really using them as they can be a bit tricky to understand at first. For example, depending on the VSTi you probably (but not necessarily) will want to use the direction type rather than the attribute type.

Also not sure what version of Cubase you have (hint, this is why folks put their system info in their sigs :wink: ) but Expression Maps are only in Pro.

thank you for advise never thought about it but will try