Sub-Numbering of Tracks based on positional order within Folder w/ set of new PLE targeting protocols/key commands + OTHER PROTOCOLS

This would be useful in templates for users who are consistent in their track setups.

For example, if I set up my multi-timbral synths to be in folders with the same setup such as


  1. Instrument Track (HalionSE)
  2. MIDI Track 01
  3. MIDI Track 02
  4. MIDI Track 03
  5. MIDI Track 04
  6. MIDI Track 05
  7. MIDI Track 06
  8. MIDI Track 07
  9. MIDI Track 08
  10. MIDI Track 09
  11. MIDI Track 10
  12. MIDI Track 11
  13. MIDI Track 12
  14. MIDI Track 13
  15. MIDI Track 14
  16. MIDI Track 15
  17. MIDI Track 16
  18. Group

And I set up all my multi-timbral vsti’s like this, then I could come up with a consistent track selecting system

This would require that
A.) Cubase sees when user has selected a FolderTrack and or a Track inside a FolderTrack and thus binds this protocol to that specific group of tracks.
B.) A new protocol is added to PLE: Folder Track-Position
0 = FolderTrack
1 = first topmost track
2 = second track
and so on.

In addition, there could be some other PLE protocols here, if there was a targeting condition “In Selected Folder”,
then specific track types could be targeted

Some general key commands could be included in the context of this idea
-Select First Track in Folder
-Select Last Track in Folder