Sub Saharan Africa (it's done!)

it’s done, let me know what you guys think?

I don’t know what is the purpose of your composition, but it is boring. You never change key and it is repeat after repeat of the same tune. Think you need to develop it more, change keys and bring in some other melodies. Michael.

Actually liked this a lot but I agree with Michael regarding the repetition, just repeating the same couple of motif’s is really not good enough when you can produce something with such great sounds, It’s becoming difficult nowadays to know if these are loops from the net or if they are actually being invented and played by the composer…particularly with instrumentals, would love to know !! promising stuff though…Kevin

First of all thanks for listening, I thought I did introduce more melodic phrases in this version, but perhaps this is not enough in your opinion. can you clarify what you mean by change key? as in jump scale? this composition is in C tuned at 444Khz instead of 440Khz. but all the notes use are of C major, are you saying that I should have scale variation?


Thanks for listening Kevin, nothing is from the net, 90% done on MOX8 + one soft synth , it would be great if you or Michael can, perhaps give me an example of key change , I may be able to introduce in this piece.

I think he was talking about modulation, and maybe more variation in harmony (no relation with tunning frequency).

But I liked the music (especially the flutes). Congratulations!

no, of course, I know he is not talking about the tuning, just wanted to let him know what notes are being used in this music. basically up tuned C major, but was not sure what he meant by “change keys”… I took it as introduce a new scale? C major as in key of C…

I personally don’t think it needs a key change, (as in upping it a tone)just a better arrangement so’s it doesn’t sound so repetitive, although repetition is an accepted thing in music it’s a fine line that we all run between sounding interesting and getting too repetitive…it’s good work though and I’d be dead chuffed if I’d done this…Kevin

A key change isn’t necessary but it definitely needs some variation in some way; either orchestration/instrumentation, harmonic progression, dynamic/layers or more counter-melodies (or fragments of them) interweaving. I don’t really like the sounds of the instruments, but there’s some nice ideas there. There’s no way there’s enough content to warrant it lasting 5 minutes though. :stuck_out_tongue: Size doesn’t matte. :laughing:

well done ,lovely recording ,very nice tones ,not one piece of harshness, maybe going the other way if anything at times ,sounds very professional ,i think this would make a nice backdrop for creating an atmosphere in a restaurant while eating some nice spicy food , ethnic groove thang.

I like it. Typically, music of this region ain’t gonna follow the Cycle of 5ths, you know. The region’s music also features repetition with slight variations, which you’ve done. Actually, as far as recording quality, it’s the best one I’ve heard here this Saturday afternoon in which I’m checking peeps’ tunes out. Very balanced, good clarity without being brittle and excessively trebly. My only nit about it is that it just comes of as too quantized. I’d like to get the sense of listening to actual players, Still, very well done piece