Sub Sub Brackets (two or more)


I am trying to get two sets of sub sub brackets for a divided violin I & violin II section. I cannot seem to accomplish this. Each time I try to add a second set of sub sub brackets it keeps replacing the first one I added. I want sub sub brackets around both Violin I & Violin II divisi. What am I missing?

Thanks for your help!

It should be possible to do this: select a note or rest in the first staff you want to be joined by a sub-sub-bracket, then Ctrl+click (Command-click on Mac) a note or rest in the last staff you want to be part of the sub-sub-bracket, then click the button in Engrave mode to add the sub-sub-bracket. Repeat for the other adjacent staves. It works fine. If you’re having problems, please attach the project itself.

I tried to insert the sub sub bracket as you suggested but it did not work. Here is a link to the file:

The divisi in the Vln I & II occurs in m. 109 and then again in m. 175.

Also, while you have the link to the file, there was some weird condensing going on in the Horns on p. 12 in engrave mode and again in m. 126. Just thought I would mention it since overall the condensing seems to be working well; however, it appears Horns are challenging at times though. It would be great to have the option to tweak which horns condense on a per page/situation basis. I have tried to link and group dynamics but still sometimes strange results manifest (like in m. 126 with Horn 3 by itself when it could be combined with another).

Thanks for your help.

The reason you’re having problems creating the sub-sub-brackets is because that’s unison music at the start of the system. Instead, select notes in bar 116, where the music actually divides, and you’ll find that you get the sub-sub-bracktes you expect.

The issue with the condensing of the horns is to do with the long sustained notes that come in to bar 79, so there’s no break in the phrases there and hence Dorico doesn’t have a completely free hand in how the condensing can be resolved. When we have condensation changes in future you’ll be able to exert more control in these kinds of circumstances.