Sub Woofer

Hi,could someone recomend some subs that i could add to my Samson r5a monitors.
I am producing dance music.
My budget is £300 or less.
I know samson do resolv only goes from 40Hz.
would i not need a sub that goes below that?
I am working from untreated room in house.

It goes down to 30Hz (-3dB). 40Hz is the lowest x-over setting.

im not that technically minded.
would i be able to get a woofer with lower Hz.or is it pointless?

What exactly is there too “technically minded” in my post? Please clarify and I’ll be happy to explain it in layman’s terms.

You could, but it takes quite a lot of $$$. If it pointless or not depends on your application. If you’re making music there’s hardly any need to go below 40Hz, but if you’re creating earthquake sound effects for feature films presented in THX certified theatres, you definitely need to go lower … but if you’re not “technically minded”, this is not your goal.

i meant im not technically minded ,so wasnt sure if 30Hz was low enuff for me,i wasnt statingthat ur message was mind boggling.
im producing house music,which would have some subbass.

Hi, Folks!

Jarno is correct! Unless you need some special effects like trolley rumble, earthquakes, or cannon shots, most music rarely goes below 40 Hz. If you’re producing music for home use, then 30 Hz is quite adequate for a 3-6 dB down point in bass rolloff. However, if you’re looking to create disco or loud dance/rock music that has a heavy electronic content, then a subwoofer might help a bit for really loud music “punch” or special effects. Deep bass is mostly a matter of physics and moving a lot of air in a hurry. This generally means a BIG subwoofer, or some very sophisticated box designs. I’m very partial to the Hsu Research Sub-Woofers which go really deep, with a lot of power, and won’t require you to hock your first-born to buy one! The lead design engineer is an MIT PhD, and he’s done his homework designing a broad line of subs and full range speaker systems. Check them out at:

Hope this helps!