Subdivision of triplets

Hello everyone!

can anyone tell me if I can get a subdivision of triplets as written in red?

dorico terzine - Copia

You can, of course. Put insert mode on. Select the triplet bracket and delete. Select the first quarter you want in the new triplet bracket, invoke the tuplet popover and type 3:2e (where e means eighth note). Repeat with the third triplet. Hope it helps!
(I think the mistake you’ve made is to start your triplet with the quarter note value engaged, instead of eighth note, and you wrote 3 in the popover, or 3:2)

Thank you Marc! I’ll try it!

I tried to do as you described and it works perfectly. Thank you so much !!!

It’s true, I inserted the quarter note as the starting note and I set 3: 2 in the popover without specifying “e”