Submix independent Solo and Input monitor

I need to create a submix that will be independent of the solo and input monitor.
I will send playback of recorded tracks to musicians headphones while I solo and or monitor their input sources in the control room, without disturbing the playback mix the musicians are listening to. Is there anyway to do this?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

The cues sends (pre) are not effected by mutes if you untick the “Mute Pre-Send when Mute” option in the Preferences - VST window. So they are not affected by solos neither.

This mean that if you are using cue sends for the studio phones you will be ok for the solos and mutes.

But if you switch a track to input monitor, the switch is done at the very early input of the track even before the phase and trim level and well before the cue sends even if those ones are pre-fader.

If you are using ASIO direct monitoring (ADM), the situation is similar because the switch to input is done in the audio hardware before Nuendo.

This mean that there is no way to switch a track to input monitor and keep the “tape” playback in the cues.

I think that the only way to do this would be to duplicate tracks, do not use ADM, and send the duplicated track cue sends to the musicians so that you can switch the first set of tracks to input monitor without affecting the musicians cue sends.

There is a similar problem when you want to send the channel input and “tape” output at the same time to the musician cue send. It’s not possible with a single track except if you have an external mixer. It’s sometimes useful for difficult punch ins with a fast guitar song for example.
On SSL mixing desks for example, it’s possible to do that, using the “ready tape” + “ready group” buttons on the channel (can cause phase problems nevertheless with digital tape machines because of ADC / DAC signal delay if you try to mix the input and tape machine output when the tape machine is in input mode).

I think that this is something that should be enhanced in Nuendo. Another problem when using a single track is that there is no possibility to have a punch in / punch out crossfade in the cues. The crossfade is applied after the take.

If i’m right, Protools is using a second track internally for punch-ins.

Thanks for you reply it’s much appreciated!!!