Subordinate bar numbers in cuts

I have an extract from a score to engrave and as this includes some cut bars the bar numbers change frequently. Changing bar numbers to a pirmary number isn’t a problem but if I try and change to a different bar number with a subordinate so going 141, 156a, the 156a changes back to 141a automatically. How do I force the bar number change plus the subordinate?
On Dorico Pro 3.1

You can’t currently change both the primary and subordinate numbers at the same position; there is an assumption that e.g. 156a will always follow 156.

That’s a shame Daniel. Sometimes I have to prepare something that includes a cut from one bar to an alternate bar further on in the full score or the extract starts at an alternate bar so I hope this is possible sometime in the future. Loving a lot of what you’ve done with Dorico. Still some things that I’ll need to do in Sibelius though.