Subscription Cloud based software - your thoughts

Like many I imagine I am doing the Roland Cloud trial. Nice software but why would I want to pay $19.99 a month for something I don’t own. Yes you do get to keep one instrument of your choosing in 12 months time but what good is that if you continue to fork out? Don’t know about you but I’d much rather just pay as I go. What are your thoughts on this and software leasing per se?

How does it all work if you lose your internet connection?

I seriously hope Steinberg don’t ever go this way!

SB has said many times that they won’t. I hate the idea.

This is also been talked about before. If you do a search you can dig up that big thread.

Hail NO



Not for me either!

…aaaand that’s why i don’t have a virtual D50 on my system!

nononono NO !!!

No thanks. My monthly bills are enough already.


No thank you.

Regards. :sunglasses: